Rear Side View Mirrors for KTM Motorcycle

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This is a pair of left and right high quality & lightweight motorcbike side view mirrors for your KTM motorcycle. The rear view mirrors are made mostly of durable aluminum alloy and high impact ABS housing able to withstand everyday knocks and bumps. They also feature full adjustability of 360 degrees. These side mirrors are a must have for safer riding, for full vision and therefore safety on your KTM bike.

Furthermore, the sideview mirrors are simple to install, and come with mounting clamps if needed. 

You will receive a pair of side mirrors, left and right, for your KTM motorcycle.


  • Great fit for your specific KTM motorcycle, just choose from the drop down above
  • Durable, high quality and lightweight able to withstand all sorts of bumps and knocks
  • Widen your vision - increase awareness and vision, and therefore safety
  • Colour: Black
  • Fully adjustable a full 360 degrees to get that perfect angle
  • Dimensions: 6.1" mirror, 6.1" arm
  • Easy to install, to direct screw or clamps if needed
Package Includes:
1 x Left KTM Side View Mirror
1 x Right KTM Side View Mirror
2 x Mount Clamps
5 x M10 Adapter Screws

Choose your KTM motorcycle model from the drop down list above, for your side view mirrors.

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